Other Ways to Help

Many formerly incarcerated people and other vulnerable people are in need of financial solidarity right now. But, that is not the only way to help. Here are some other efforts you can take.

“Bound But Free,” Lessie Brown, 2007, mixed media

One of the most important things you can do to support people in Michigan prisons and jails is support efforts to send them home. Several organizations have mounted campaigns to get people out of prison and jail in Michigan.

Campaigns to Get People out of Prison and Jails:

Staying Connected While Inside:

Another way to support people inside is by communicating and connecting with them directly. Since the Prison Creative Arts Project Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners had to be postponed, PCAP has posted an online preview of some of the works art from the show. You can view the online preview and leave comments for artists in the digital guestbook. You can also write critique letters for artists to help development and nurture their artistic practice.

Earlier this year, a group of concerned citizens began the Mississippi Letter Writing Campaign, a campaign to write a message of support to every person incarcerated in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Their website describes how to participate in the campaign.

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